Hospitality Systems

The hospitality industry has a wide range of sectors and types of business.  Operational needs and processes differ vastly between each type of business and also from restaurant to restaurant - even two businesses selling the exact same menu can demand a different technology solution.

In comparison to Retail technology, Hospitality is very much focused on a business' working procedures, stock management and the overall size of the business.  Dependent on the requirements of your business the overall solution could have the need to track stock levels of liquids, recipe ingredients, handle complex billing methods and also feature room billing or integrate with hotel management software.

Your Requirements

Sco Logic has almost 20 years experience working with small and large independent pubs, cafe's, restaurants and national chains. Using our open unbiased consultancy methods we aim to create the best solution for your business' demands and working procedures. We fully appreciate the enormity of any investment in technology and also understand the benefits the correct solution will deliver.

What next

If you want to discuss your business and to find out what Sco Logic can do to improve your bottom line or make the daily stress of retail easier for you and your staff all we need is 5 minutes of your time for an initial chat. The initial information we need is a brief outline of your business and what you feel you need, or give us an indication of some of your problems. Discussion topics:

  • Hospitality sector : Fast Food, Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Fine dining
  • Solution to particular task/problem
  • Complete new system : Hardware and Software required
  • Extend existing system : Hardware and Software