From as early as 2003 Sco Logic has been innovating new technologies and solutions for the various channels and marketplaces we operate within. Creating new ideas years ahead of the curve.

It's impossible to detail each innovation in full, but the timeline below gives you a glimpse.

April 2003 : Retail Solutions Birmingham - Launch of Retail Tablet POS solution

May 2008 : Launch of Pop/li Cash drawer Trigger

June 2009 : Launch of Peli Lithium Ion Battery

September 2010 : 10" Store Assist Terminal Prototype

January 2011 : Visor Scanner for the Blind Prototype

March 2012 : Qu-be launch at RBTE London

September 2012 : H-Button device prototype

September 2017 : Launch of NID Transition board

What next

If you wish to discuss your business and to find out what Sco Logic can do, all we need from you is 5 minutes of your time for an initial chat with a brief outline of your business and what you feel you need.