Card Payments

As modern banking and business pushes the world more and more toward non cash payment using the traditional plastic card, more modern Apple Pay, or Android Pay, all businesses need to have the ability to take a digital or card payments.

With the rise of Paypal, Sumup, iZettle and others, the smaller independant retailer will be getting much higher card fees using these methods, or get tied into longer running pay monthly contracts. Getting the most affordable solution is a complex calculation and often alternatives are proposed by anonymous travelling sales agents.

Larger corporate businesses which rarely switch acquirer are missing out on massive savings on card processing fees.

Your Requirements

Our card processing consultancy establishes the requirements for your business, advises on the technology and aims to deliver much better processing rates which will lead to increased profitability.

What next

If you want to discuss your business and to find out what Sco Logic can do to improve your bottom line or make the daily stress of retail easier for you and your staff all we need is 5 minutes of your time for an initial chat. The initial information we need is a brief outline of your business and what you feel you need, or give us an indication of some of your problems.