Retail Technology Specialists

The world of retail is vast and isn’t all black and white as you may think. Dependant on the type of business sector you operate within can create a wide range of processes and demands on the kind of technology you need to invest in.

The key to your business using any technology is to have a solution that 80% slots into your main processes and 20% demands small changes and improvements.

If you use technology and keep hitting walls of questions or need the current system to do something simple that is a daily task which creates problems and obstacles - you need to reevaluate the systems in place . With Retail technology it’s vital to achieve the right solution as time, obstacles and walls just cost your business money, waste time, affecting customer relations or lead to inappropriate stock holding levels.

To give a brief example of sector specifics and the demands, we can touch on the demands of a traditional newsagent.

This kind of business has a high turnover of sales daily as a starting point, this leads to large amounts of data. The control of stock for items such as newspapers and magazines is complexed with daily newspaper sales and returns, barcode changes twice daily for most news paper editions, magazine stock management and controlled returns, customer daily weekly and monthly ordering, age control on tobacco and alcohol sales and still the normal everyday simple barcode and non barcoded sale of goods.

The complexities as shown in the example are massive especially when you consider this normally is the smallest kind of retail shop, with limited space for storage of stock and usually operated by 1 or 2 staff, and often a business that doesn’t have high profit or finance to invest.   

Sco Logic work to understand your business, the processes you use, and work to create tailor made solutions for your business.