pioneering ideas

Working with businesses to create the best solution demands creativity and an excellent knowledge of the technology available across many technology channels. Yet in some cases there simply is no solution or an easy off the shelf device to use.

Over the past 20 years Sco Logic have designed many products for our clients and also ourselves to fill voids in the channel..

Developing pioneering ideas doesn't always involve new technology, some cases involve bespoke additions to existing off the shelf products, or reworking a product to fit requirements.

Here are a few of the projects and products Sco Logic has developed:


Cash Drawer opening device
Initial Client : Victoria Street ticket office
Approved standard device for all rail ticket office refits

Visor Barcode scanner
Client : Audiotag
This is a fixed distance barcode scanner designed for use with the blind to identify medication and foods using barcodes and audiotag speech software.

TIM30 Terminal
Tote betting terminal
Client : Datatote
Tote betting terminal designed for on track use at Dog and horse race tracks globally.